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Looking for one supplier for all your electrode needs? Look no further. Conmed's expansive portfolio of disposable medical electrodes is one of the broadest on the market, trusted for quality and reliability.

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ECG Electrodes for adultes

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This overview makes it easier for you to select the appropriate electrode type

ECG Electrode Standardization Chart

Conmed has been producing ECG electrodes for over 50 years and has set new standards in electrocardiography with the development of the Cleartrace electrodes and the conductive adhesive gel.

Conmed's comprehensive range includes ECG electrodes for every application and every need. The quality and user experience of Conmed electrodes are outstanding.

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You can find a wide range of common Conmed electrodes in our shop.

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We also compiled an overview specifically for the Swiss market.


Disposable EEG Cup Electrodes

For convenience, BRAINSTREAM™ comes with pre-attached tangle-free lead wires, a 3mm cup height that allows for ample gel or paste, and a 2mm hole that allows gel to escape during positioning and permits blunt needle insertion. An advanced silver/silver chloride sensor ensures uniform high signal quality.
The electrodes have a 10mm diameter and positioning guides for easier placement. They are safe for use in CT and X-Ray environments and are available with 10, 21, 24, 25, 26, and 27 electrodes per pouch.


Multi-Function Electrodes

When it comes to adult and pediatric multifunction electrodes for defibrillation, pacing, cardioversion, and monitoring - think PadPro®.

CONMED's PadPro® is constructed to adhere and conform to the patient's body, providing excellent current distribution. Adult electrodes offer a maximum of 50 shocks, 8 hours of continuous pacing, or 24 hours of patient monitoring.

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Dispersive Electrodes


When safety comes first!

CONMED's ThermoGard® Dispersive Electrodes are designed to provide optimal safety and comfort. The thick blue gel is extra gentle to the skin. Adult and pediatric sizes are available.

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Dispersive Electrodes

SureFit™ / MacroLyte®

The SureFit™ Dual Dispersive Electrodes from CONMED offer exceptional quality at low cost. Suitable for patients weighing 2.2 kg or more.

The MacroLyte® dispersive electrodes from CONMED are cost-effective and available for different body weights.

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Pulse Oximetry Sensors

CONMED's pediatric and adult Pulse Oximetry Sensors are designed for use with a variety of pulse oximeter equipment. Finally, there are choices that offer quality, performance, and cost-savings.

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