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Universal Plus®

Cannulas, Handpieces, and Reusable Electrodes

CONMED's Universal Plus® Suction Irrigation System lets you cut, cauterize, dissect, and access port cannulas. In addition, perform high volume suction, high volume irrigation, specimen retrieval, and smoke evacuation all in one instrument system! These cannulas are available as either Interchangeable Reusable Stainless Steel Suction/Irrigation Cannulas, Laparoscopic Electrodes with Suction/Irrigation, or Laparoscopic Electrodes with Ultra Non-Stick Coating Suction/Irrigation.

The Universal Plus® reusable 5mm electrosurgery electrodes with suction/irrigation optional stealth eschar resistant coating have extended Insulation at the base of each electrode tip. This provides greater patient safety, precise surgeon control, and reduces possible collateral desiccation. An extendable, lockable tip protector allows coverage of the electrode, protecting viscera while suctioning.

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Cannulas, Handpieces, & Reusable Electrodes

The Core™ Fluid Management System offers the benefit of a simple easy to use Suction and Irrigation system with the convenience of a reposable suction cannula for added savings. High quality, reusable, laparoscopic electrodes can also be added transforming this simple surgical accessory into a powerful multi-function instrument that will help reduce procedural time. The system features disposable valve and tubing, reusable probes, a clear ergonomic handpiece, and ambidextrous design.

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FloVac® Handpieces

FloVac® offers outstanding value as a system designed especially for suction and irrigation when electrosurgery is not required. Choose from two styles of control handles - one that accepts our wide range of removable cannula or one with a pre-attached 5mm sump cannula.

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Single-Use Large Bore Suction System

For use in orthopedic total knee and hip arthroplasty, the OrthoVAC™ Single-Use Large Bore Suction System is a fully-customizable five-piece kit that features a large 6mm bore Yankauer which is designed to reduce clogging for reliable and efficient particulate removal. This system features adapters that allow easy connection to nearly any facility's suction canister and vacuum system. The adapters also allow for suction instruments to be interchangeable..

To meet both the clinical needs of the procedure and the personal preferences of the user, this single-SKU, five-piece kit allows surgeons a customizable experience. The kit includes s Large Bore Yankauer, 11/32" tubing, two OrthoVAC™ adapters, and one Pour Spout Adapter. Does not include the canister.OrthoVac™ Brochure


Rigid Suction Instruments

Developed in 1907 by Dr. Charles Yankauer, Yankauer Single Use Suction Instruments have become the most common suction instruments in the world. Large lumens provide rapid aspiration and resist clogging, removing fluid and debris from either a surgical site or body orifice (i.e. airway, abdomen, etc.). A sturdy shatter-resistant construction enables use for retraction, and transparency allows clear visualization of fluids. Side eyes reduce the change for tissue grab. It's single use and sterile to prevent cross contamination and is available with and without a control vent. 

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Suction Instruments

Frazier Suction Instruments are used in open surgical procedures where fine delicate suctioning is necessary to evacuate debris from the surgical site. Every Frazier single-use suction instrument is supplied with flake-resistant shafts and an obturator to facilitate shaping of the metal and clear the instrument of obstructions.

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Poole Suction Instruments

Single-use, specialized for deep abdominal surgeries and cesarian sections

Designed to evacuate pooled blood, fluid, and debris during deep abdominal surgeries and cesarean sections, Poole single-use specialty suction instruments feature three versatile positions that quickly convert from gentle sump action to pinpoint suctioning capabilities. A removable sheath with 132 large eyes provides efficient and rapid suction, while allowing for pinpoint suctioning and reduced tissue grab.

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Pressure Infusers & Irrigation Pumps

A full line of single 1-liter and 3-liter systems to meet all of your laparoscopic irrigation pressure source needs.

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Suction Instruments

The Sigmoid clear, single-use suction instrument is primarily used for sigmoidoscopies, colonoscopies, and femur suctioning during hip replacements to evacuate blood, fluid, and other debris. The On/Off suction control helps reduce tissue grab. It is available with select tubing pre-attached.

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